• Ariana Roach

Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer?

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

You meet the love of your life, things are going really well, they pop the question and you obvi say yes. Now what?

Well, now you plan the wedding!

Both exciting and terrifying, you are in this, but you are in this together.

You start meticulously planning every detail. From plates to flowers to venue to guests to invitations, every. single. little. detail.

There is a whole lot of thought that goes into a wedding day.

Somewhere down the line, you'll realize that this might be the only time in your life that everyone you and your partner love will be together under one roof.

Then another wave of nerves hit.

(Spoiler: you've got this)

Finally, the day arrives. You wake at the crack of dawn to get ready.

You write your letters to your partner and then you're off to the ceremony.

The day goes by fast.

And I mean like really fast.

Pretty soon you're riding off to your bougie hotel to celebrate your first night of married life. And just like that, it's over.

A few months later you receive your wedding photos back and WOW do you look good. You get to see this day as moments frozen in time.