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Emily & Devon

Rowena's Inn & Helicopter

"The relationship doesn't create the excitement, life creates the excitement"

This 45-second clip is the beginning of Emily & Devon's highlight film, but I think it works well as a sneak peek for what's to come. I put a lot of love into this little piece. It's definitely one of the more unique & time-consuming edits I've put together.


Emily & Devon tied the knot on July 18th, 2020 & their day was an absolute blast to film. Emily is a fellow wedding-industry member herself and you could tell that by how well she knew her angles.


I can't express how much fun I had shooting this wedding. From the helicopter ride into the mountains to hearing all of the endearing speeches from Emily & Devon's close family & friends. It definitely makes it a bit more challenging to narrow down the footage when there are so many beautiful clips to choose from.


All in all, it was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people & I am so grateful to have been apart of it.

Natashia & Brad

Golden Eagle Golf Club 

Brad & Natashia met when they were 17 & 18 while working together in a grocery store's bakery department. Natashia had a boyfriend at the time but (obviously) things didn't work out with him. A year & half of working together later, Brad invited Natashia over to meet his German shepherd. Then it all sort of fell into place. A classic Jim & Pam love story.

Natashia was shy at the time & loved how Brad was able to bring her out of her shell. They both shared a love of the outdoors, animals & adventures.

As most relationships do, they had some low-points but throughout those points, decided that they couldn't live without each other. Since then, their relationship has flourished into a strong partnership. These two adventurous souls, their cat, & their jeep have some of the most amazing stories & memories.

I wanted their film to really show off their romantic side alongside their adventure side. I think it was the perfect balance.

Keara & Paul

Cecil Green Park House

Joanne & Alex

Rowena's Inn

Kortni & Paul

Rodick's Barn

Allen & Julz

Van Dussen Garden

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