I’m Ariana, the owner of Everness Films.

It's hard to sum up everything about myself in such a small space, but here goes nothing!




I strive to live a balanced life & these three values are what keep me grounded & calibrated in the direction that feels most authentic to me.


Family & Friends mean everything to me. I am currently in a relationship of six years with my partner Kaden. We have two cats and live in North Vancouver. Since we are both from Ontario, blocking out time to visit home is essential to us.


An enormous part of my belief system is to do the least amount of harm possible & try to leave the earth a better place. Whether that be environmentally, socially or through my purchasing habits, upholding this standard is a huge part of my life. I've been vegan for over a decade and vegetarian for over fifteen years purely for ethical reasons. Inclusivity also falls under this umbrella. Making sure I do my very best to create an inclusive space is extremely important in every aspect of my business. 


Creativity takes shape in many different ways. Filmmaking has always had my heart, but I also dabble in a million creative hobbies such as; sewing, singing, dancing, painting, podcasting, design, etc. Alongside weddings, I also work towards chasing my dreams as a female director in the film industry. Dabbling in all of these interests gives me somewhat of a creative edge. I pull inspiration from a million places, which means everything I create is fully unique and created with the most carefulness possible.

I identify and operate my life through my values, so it feels appropriate to share them with my clients. 



Opening my first digital video camera at 10 years old

Video has always been a huge part of my life.

I was a bit of a weird kid growing up and video gave me a chance to express myself creatively and often brought my friends & I closer together.

As I started getting older, I began cherishing the films that my family & I had taken. I realized how privileged we were to have to many videos of ourselves growing up. 

In 2021, I finally got access to the digital copies of the VHS tapes & childhood videos I made & was able to create a full film of my life up until the age of 23 & gift it to my parents.

The film of my life.

This film of mine is quite intimate, it includes pretty much every big part of my life. But I felt like sharing it would help me connect on a deeper level with my clients.

I realize how vulnerable and scary a wedding can be & I want my couples to feel as comfortable as possible around me.




I don't edit with a template because I believe that every single couple is unique and deserves to have their story shared in a way that is meaningful to them.

I take eight to twelve weddings per year to make sure I can give my full attention to every couple I take on.

As someone who is a bit awkward herself, comfortability is very important to me. I will do everything in my power to make you feel like yourself in front of the camera.



Creative visionaries in the wedding industry.

Storytellers looking to capture your day in the most captivating way possible.

Genuinely cool people who want to connect and learn more about you.


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