I’m Ariana, the owner of Everness Films, a Vancouver-based videography service. 

It's hard to sum up everything about myself in such a small space, but I will try. 

I identify as someone who is very "values"-based, & a large value of mine happens to be connection & authenticity. I love working with couples who infuse their personalities into their day in any way possible. I thrive when working with couples who I form relationships with on a deeper level. 




Opening my first digital video camera at 10 years old

Video has always been a huge part of my life.

I was a bit of a weird kid growing up and video gave me a chance to express myself creatively and often brought my friends & I closer together.

As I started getting older, I began cherishing the films that my family & I had taken. I realized how privileged we were to have to many videos of ourselves growing up. 

In 2021, I finally got access to the digital copies of the VHS tapes & childhood videos I made & was able to create a full film of my life up until the age of 23 & gift it to my parents.

The film of my life.

This film of mine is quite intimate, it includes pretty much every big part of my life. But I felt like sharing it would help me connect on a deeper level with my clients.

I realize how vulnerable and scary a wedding can be & I want my couples to feel as comfortable as possible around me.




I don't edit with a template because I believe that every single couple is unique and deserves to have their story shared in a way that is meaningful to them.

I take limited weddings per year to make sure I can give my full attention to every couple I take on.

As someone who is a bit awkward herself, comfortability is very important to me. I will do everything in my power to make you feel like yourself in front of the camera.


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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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