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Behind the Scenes


I’m Ariana, the owner of Everness Films, a Vancouver-based wedding videography service. We create films for the sunset chasers, adventure seekers & hopeless romantics. Our style can be described as Fine Art visuals accompanied by hints of retro nostalgia, vibrant storytelling & cinematic soundscapes. As a business owner, I value compassion & connection. I want to get to know you before your big day so your personalities can shine through. I’m so excited to speak with you & learn more about your special day!


"Every couple is different. Knowing the best way to capture those differences is what sets us apart. I believe that a part of our job is to get to know you. I want to build a real connection with you."

Let's get personal


Our goal is to create a completely individualized film for every couple we encounter. This takes a lot of time in the post-production room. For this reason, we have to be selective about the couples we take on & only take between 10-15 weddings per year!

8mm Film Grain Still (for photo overlay)


As a small business owner, it's very challenging to maintain high levels of creativity when under stress.

I want to be able to deliver the absolute best project that I am capable of creating of for every couple that books me.

For this reason, I choose to only take on 10-15 couples per year.

I love working with other talented creatives. Before working with a new photographer, I will always personally reach out to them before the wedding to go over creative details, timeline, shooting styles, etc. 

Working with other talented creatives is one of the best parts of the job.

For general correspondence, inquiries, & calls. I am available weekdays 7:30am-4:30pm.

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