8mm Film Grain Still (for photo overlay)

01. How many weddings do you shoot per year?

The goal is to create a completely individualized film for every couple I encounter. This takes a lot of time in the post-production room. For this reason, I have to be selective about the couples I take on & only take between 10-15 weddings per year!

02. How long will it take to get our film back?

As mentioned in the previous slide, I take my time creating a film that embodies your personalities & story. I usually estimate between 4-6 months until you receive your final deliverables. Though, the teaser film will always be ready within the first 4 weeks of your wedding date.

03. How many cameras do you shoot with?

During non-peak moments, we typically have two cameras rolling at all times. During peak moments (like the ceremony), we will usually have 3 cameras rolling depending on the package you book.

04. What's your cancellation policy?

When you book with us, we require a 30% non-refundable "booking-fee". In the case that you completely cancel your wedding, this fee is not refundable.

05. How do you work with photographers?

Working with other talented creatives is the best part of a wedding day. Before working with a new photographer, I'll always reach out to them before the wedding to ensure we are both on the same page. Our goal is for both of us to be able to capture your day to it's fullest potential.

06. What forms of payment do you accept?

All major forms of payment (e-transfer, cash, credit, etc.) are accepted.

07. Who chooses the music & where is the music found?

We choose the music & use a platform called MusicBed to license our music. Music is what creates so much of the emotion in a film & we really pride ourselves on being thoughtful & personable with our selections. We always make sure to get your favourite genre's & have an ear out for what's on your wedding playlist on the day of.

08. How long will you keep our footage?

After all of your final deliverables have been sent, your footage gets compressed. I try to hold onto these compressed files as long as possible, but cannot guarantee their availability once your final deliverables have been sent. You will always be notified before they are deleted.

09. Do you charge a travel fee?

250km of car based travel are included in every package (start & end time permitting). All other travel fees will be calculated based on the destination.