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Dana & Shane- Vancouver Barn Wedding Rustic

Dana & Shane, where do I start? September 12th happened to be one of the days during the smoke wave that hit southern BC. This didn't phase them, they were just excited that the light was going to be good for photos. During the portrait session by the beach, Dana's hair got stuck in Shane's button as they were doing a twirl. I asked her how she was staying so calm and she responded with "Why would I not be calm? It's just a little hair" and then offered to just rip out her own hair on her wedding day. Later on, I jokingly asked them if they wanted to recreate the dirty dancing lift. And they did it without hesitation after running around a smokey field for 15 minutes. It's not often that two humans getting married are so relaxed about literally everything, but witnessing their celebration really grounded me & reminded me of the reason people get married in the first place. The beautiful decor, flowers, food, desserts are wonderful, don't get me wrong... But love is why we spend all this money, love is what brings us together. Love is the reason we exist. Sorry to get all philosophical here, it just feels like a good reminder to go with the flow. Thanks again Dana & Shane for being amazing & letting me capture your day. I had so much fun hanging out & witnessing all of your wonderful family & friends chatting, eating & dancing with you!

Officiant: Anne White DJ: airwaves music Photo: Hannah Wyles

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