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Rowena's Inn [Helicopter] Vancouver Wedding Videography

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Seven years ago, at a country bar called Roosters, Emily and Devon were officially introduced. Emily arrived at the bar with her cousin, Janelle, and Devon arrived with his good friend Jim. Their intentions were to spend the night celebrating Jim’s birthday and Devon’s only instructions for the night were to keep Emily busy. Throughout the night, it was obvious (to everyone) that there was something special between Devon & Emily. The next day as Devon drove back home with Janelle, he couldn’t stop talking about how much he liked Emily. Later in the evening, he even convinced Emily to come out again that night.

Emily said yes.

About a week later, Devon took Emily out on their first date and the rest is history.

Throughout the years, they have had their share of ups and downs, but no matter what happens, they are always there to support and love each other as a team.

Fast forward to the day of their wedding… oh my goodness, what a dream! The day started out slow at Rowena's Inn in Pitt Meadows, but as the helicopter approached, the excitement increased. It had been Devon’s first time on a helicopter and what a wonderful experience to have captured as a wedding video.

We landed on a snow-capped mountain (which is very rare for mid-July in British Columbia) and got some of the most beautiful footage & photos I’ve ever seen.

Despite all of the COVID-19 limitations, the ceremony & reception still oozed the same romantic essence of a “normal” wedding. The night ended with speeches, dancing & video messages from those who couldn’t make it out. A classic Vancouver love story.

All things considered, this was such a wonderful day and I am so grateful I got to be apart of it. Thanks again, Emily & Devon!

Helicopter: TRK Helicopters

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