• Ariana Roach

Who is Ariana Roach?

Who am I? Well...

I've always been a creative & video has always been my medium. Growing up I would find every excuse I could find to create a video (school projects, friends, family, etc). Most summers, I would often be couped up in my room pittering away at another edit.

I can't say that I was Chopin of the filmmaking world, but I had something equally as important, passion. Passion & love for the craft.

As time went on, I lost touch with filmmaking & dabbled in other interests. Primarily, visual interests like graphic design, photography, digital marketing, etc. But I never truly felt fulfilled. It wasn't until I took a break from the monotony of day-to-day living that I really understood where my passion lied.

Although life took me a bit off course, I am grateful for what I learned in my other pursuits before I dove fully into filmmaking. I continue to use what I learned in photography, marketing & design every day in my business.

It's definitely been an interesting experience as a female in a male-dominated industry. Throughout my career, I've had people warn me how difficult a journey it will be as a female in the film industry, but, I've also had so much love and support along the way.

I think being female has really pushed me to prove my value. I want to show up every day & prove to those around me how strong, capable & creative women are.

In relation to weddings, I empathize with what brides feel on a completely different level than most videographers. I know the number of hours that go into planning the perfect day & I can showcase it in a way that's unique yet timeless.

Outside of filmmaking, I'm a huge lover of the simple things in life. Sitting by the water with my partner or friends is one of my favorite pastimes.

I also enjoy gardening, singing in the car, cooking yummy plant-based meals, hanging out with my animals, running, & exploring new places.

I'm a huge believer that trying to live a balanced lifestyle is where you will find happiness.

Every week I try to reflect on which areas of my life were lacking, whether that be physically, socially, mentally, financially, or spiritually.

I try to set short-term & long-term goals & make sure to reflect on those as often as I can as well.

I feel like overall, I'm a relatively simple gal with a big heart & a creative soul.

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