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6 Questions Business Owners Should Ask Before Creating a Brand Video

Your everyday client or consumer has to make hundreds of choices per day, so how does your business stand out?

Branding videos are one of the most effective ways of connecting with your audience, especially in industries that involve person to person communication.

We can break down hiring decisions into three categories:

  1. Style

  2. Price

  3. Personality

Your style & price point will draw in a specific crowd.

But how can your personality keep them around?

Most of our clients want to hire someone they trust.

It can seem quite obvious, but the owner of any small business should show their face more often than one thinks.

1. Do I have a firm understanding of my "Brand Identity" & voice?

What is brand identity anyway?

Things like...

  • Business name

  • Logo design

  • Colour palettes, and other visual elements in its products and promotions

  • Your consistent "look" through your feed

  • The way you interact with clients

  • Language you use in advertisements

...are all brand identity.

Before filming a brand/promo video, it is important to have a deep understanding of each of how each bullet point relates to your business.

The tone of your voice, types of shots, how much personality you choose to bring, all contribute to your brand identity.

2. What "lack" are you intending to fill?

Why have you chosen to research brand videos?

At what point in your client's 'sale's journey' are they falling off?

What do you want to get out of this large sum of money that you're putting down towards a video?

Don't get me wrong, video can be an amazing way to connect with your leads & further your sales goals...

But if used without the proper planning & intention, it can result in a confusing mess that doesn't necessarily reflect yourself how you want to be seen.

Examples of video intentions:

  • Connecting & personalizing myself with cold leads

  • Humanizing myself to warm leads (to help them book)

  • Educating cold or warm leads

  • Educating past clients (to help them turn into repeat clients)

3. What type of video will help me achieve my goals?

Examples of videos & where they can be helpful:

  • 'About Me/Us'

Did you know that the most visited page on a small businesses website is the 'About Me/Us' page?

Do you own a business or sell a product that relies heavily on how you're perceived? Do you have a certain style or attitude that sets you apart from your competition?

These videos help personalize yourself to your clients. They are a chance for your clients to put a face to the name. When you are able to connect with leads (whether that be through shared interests, family, hobbies, personality, beliefs, etc) they are much more likely to remember & feel comfortable around you. All of which helps you stand out from the crowd.

  • 'How We Work' or 'Behind the Scenes'

These videos do well for leads that are a little warmer.

Maybe you are someone who gets a lot of traffic but doesn't see a lot of follow through.

The 'how we work/bts' videos provide your clients a glimpse into your world & what they can expect from working with you.

  • Education

Education videos are a great way to appeal to a large group of people. Whether you have past clients that you would like to turn into repeat clients OR would like to attract more followers & build a slow, trusting relationship.

People very much appreciate free information & over time, will begin to trust you as a brand.

These sort of relationships take time, but they can be invaluable.

  • Testimonial

Have you ever noticed that right after you enter a seemingly quiet store, people seem to flock in after you?

No, it's most likely not your charming good-looks, but rather that humans inherently trust & are drawn to other humans & what they recommend.

This is why referrals are usually so much more likely to book (even if you're a bit more expensive).

4. Where will this video be posted?

In sales, there is always a funnel that leads go through. The effectiveness of your video will completely depend on your intended placement.

E.g. "About Us" web pages have a different demographic than "Inquiry" pages.

A "tik tok" video has a different demographic than an "instagram video".

Having a clear idea of where you are going to post the video will not only help us film in the proper dimensions, but also bring you the most value in the long run.

5. Who is going to be in the video?

Who do you want your lead to see?

Do you want them to get develop a relationship with you? Do you want to include clips of clients (whether real clients or actors)?

Showing the way you interact with clients can help bring a sense of trust & familiarity to your business.

6. How do you want your client to feel at the end of your video?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. It all depends on the nature of your business.

Do you want your clients to feel excited? Hungry to learn more? Emotive?

What is your call to action? How can you infuse your call to action into the final moments of the film?

Final thoughts

All of these questions are a starting point. By working alongside us, we will help answer little nags you get stuck on.

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