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Clients make hundreds of decisions every single day. Your business has to stand out.



I’m Ariana, the owner of Everness Films, a Vancouver-based videography service. 

As someone with a background in digital marketing, I absolutely love everything to do with branding, social media presence, infusing personality, growth & content creation.

Creating meaningful films & content to help support businesses within my community means so much to me. I view videography as a portal towards connection & love to incorporate the same principles of storytelling into each film I take on.



A few branding basics have to be checked off before it makes sense to invest in a promotional film.

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How it works


We work together to identify your needs as a business. We do most of the heavy lifting before a shoot begins. This includes: storyboarding, locations, hiring actors, narration, etc.


Time to put all of our plans into action. Shoot days are the most fun & rewarding for everyone involved.


After Production, your film gets a nice trip to the beauty salon to polish up. Editing is when a video becomes a story. We make sure to cater to your brand by infusing logos, brand colours, music that suits your vision, all wrapped up & tied neatly with a bow.

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Types of Films

About Us Films

Did you know that the most visited page on a small business's website is the 'About Us' page?

Do you own a business or sell a product that relies heavily on how you're perceived? Do you have a certain style or attitude that sets you apart from your competition?

These videos help personalize yourself to your clients. They are a chance for your clients to put a face to the name. When you are able to connect with leads (whether that be through shared interests, family, hobbies, personality, beliefs, etc) they are much more likely to remember & feel comfortable around you. All of which helps you stand out from the crowd.


You've probably seen many businesses release free educational content on Youtube, Instagram & TikTok. 

This is all intentional.

Educational videos are a great way to appeal to a large group of people. Whether you have past clients that you would like to turn into repeat clients OR would like to attract more followers & build a slow, trusting relationship.

People very much appreciate free information & over time, will begin to trust you as a brand.

These sort of relationships take time, but they can be invaluable.

Video is one of the most powerful tools in relaying information.


Have you ever noticed that right after you enter a seemingly quiet store, people seem to flock in after you?

No, it's most likely not your charming good looks, but rather that humans inherently trust & are drawn to other humans & what they recommend.

This is why referrals are usually so much more likely to book (even if you're a bit more expensive).

Behind the Scenes

These videos do well for leads that are a little warmer.

Maybe you are someone who gets a lot of traffic but doesn't see a lot of follow-throughs.

The 'how we work/bts' videos provide your clients with a glimpse into your world & what they can expect from working with you.

"Ariana has not blown me away once but twice with her OUTSTANDING work
I have expectations and she just knocks it out of the park"

-Esther Moerman

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