• Ariana Roach

7 Types of Wedding Films Explained

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

It's engagement season, which means a whole lot of you are walking around Vancouver with some new bling on your hand, as well as a stress headache resulting from the numerous late-night-Pinterest browsing sessions. If hiring a videographer for your wedding is something you're considering, then you've probably encountered terms like "highlight films", "raw footage", "teaser films", etc. And to someone who's not in the wedding videography scene, this can be a bit confusing, what's the difference between these types of videos? Here are some of the types of films we offer at Everness Films...

1. Teaser Film

Length: Between 30-60 seconds long

Ah, a teaser film. A lovely way to show off, erm, I mean share your wedding on Instagram & other social media.

Typically, a teaser film will be the first thing you receive back from your videographer. You should receive the teaser back 2-3 weeks after your wedding, depending on what season you're in.

As the name implies, it's a teaser for what's to come. Being so short, its main purpose is to excite you and set the tone for your final film. Also, as mentioned earlier, it gives you something to share on social media that fits within the upload limits of popular apps. It's a great way for friends and family who couldn't make it to get a quick recap of what happened while the wedding is still fresh in everyone's mind.

2. Highlight Film

Length: Between 3-10 minutes

A highlight film is typically a cinematic composition of beautiful moments that tell a story. The story is usually related to the relationship between you & your partner, but the emphasis doesn't necessarily have to be on the two of you the entire film. There are usually clips from any powerful speeches. Highlights also usually include peak moments such as first look, first kiss, first dance, getting ready, letter reading, vows, etc. Highlight films are amazing for giving you the ability to view your day from a third-party perspective. It's like being at your wedding day, but without all of the worry and stress.

The first film is an example of a shorter highlight film that would showcase an "elopement" or smaller wedding.

The second film is an example of a longer highlight film that really lets you get to know the couple & their day.

3. Engagement Film

Length: Between 1-3 minutes

An engagement film is an awesome way to spread the good news to your family and friends. Some use their engagement films as a "save the date", others like to use their engagement films to serve as a memory of "before" they were legally married.