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6 Romantic Date Night Restaurants in Vancouver

Whether you’re in a long-term partnership or in a new relationship, we could all use a little more spice & romantic energy in our lives. Use this as a guide or even send it to your oh-so-thoughtful partner with a winky face.

Brix & Mortar is a Yaletown-based restaurant specializing in modern Canadian cuisine & fine wines. The sophisticated atmosphere is perfect for a special occasion or romantic date night with your love.

Step out of Vancouver and into a little piece of Italy. Experience the food, culture & atmosphere that has been curated from past generations. Di Beppe prides themselves on being a home away from home. This is the place to go to experience genuine Italian hospitality & high-quality, authentic cuisine.

Picture a candlelit dinner whilst sitting in the heart of the most romantic street in Vancouver. This restaurant is located just across the street from Gastown’s steam clock. It’s the perfect spot for catching the sunset & people-watching while indulging in their delicately prepared dishes.

Located in Kitsilano, Au Comptoir prides itself on sculpting an experience out of the mundane. Food becomes contemporary art while rooting itself in classic French techniques.

The global heart of vegetarian fine-dining lives in Vancouver. Whether you’re a meat-eater or not, you will be blown away by the flavour, love & creativity poured into each and every dish.

Seasons in the Park is the go-to romantic restaurant for those who crave beautiful views as well as delicious food. Resided at the peak of Queen Elizabeth Park, this restaurant offers breath-taking views of Vancouver’s skyline.


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