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Noteworthy Vendors

Having a team of talented vendors is the difference between a wedding win and a wedding fail.

We understand the importance of creating a cohesive team to bring your vision to life. Here are a few vendors whom we've worked with before that we can highly recommend. 


Canadian Vegan Magazine - Vegan Eco-Frie








Wedding Planners


"There is a lot of pomp and circumstance in this industry, and that's just not our thing. We know this event isn't about us, and we don't act like we're "kind of a big deal". We just want to be ourselves with you, and for you to be yourselves with us. We'll constantly be looking at the event from the guests perspective because we know that if your people are happy, you'll be happy... and then we'll be happy.

We have been doing this for a long time, and we are doing it because we love it. We aim to make sure that you love it as well, not just the magical big day, but the planning itself."

Clearwater Events

Hi! My name is Natasha and I’m the Founder and Lead Planner here at Clearwater Events. I started this company back in 2016 as a dreamer, wanting to make people’s love stories come to life through their weddings. After a couple of years in the business, I felt this pull back towards community, since that’s where I started in the industry 10+ years ago. I loved the idea of supporting local organizations by lending a hand in really the only way I knew how: planning fundraisers and community engagement events. Now, with the support of an incredible team, we fulfill both of my loves.

Dream Group Planners

“You bring the love and the purpose, we’ll bring the expertise, the connections, and the pretty.  Together we will create an authentically awesome wedding celebration you can’t wait to experience!”



Cinematic and timeless images for all romantic souls.

"Light chaser by day, stargazer by night. I'm a dreamer, lover and adventurer. Authentic connections and the surrounding environment are my biggest inspiration."

Meghan Hemstra

"My work brings me a profound sense of joy. I’m so fulfilled by the connections that I’m able to make and inspired by the people that I photograph. I’m enriched by the creative process of it all and sharpened by the challenge of running my own business. Being a photographer is a special kind of magic… but it’s also hard work. And I adore every moment of it. "

Beige Weddings

"The reason I began capturing love stories and weddings was because of the beautiful people in front of my camera - their adventures and emotions have inspired me to pursue wedding photography as my medium of art; and their sincere THANK YOU's made me realize that what I created will keep their most precious moments alive forever. Now, 5 years later, having shot more than 90 weddings / love stories in multiple countries, I cannot even put in words how much I appreciate every person who has believed in my art, and in me. There are so many more love stories to capture, journeys to embark on, and inspiring people to encounter - I look forward to them all! "

Isaac Sim Photo


Young Hip & Married

If every couple is different, why have we all been to the same boring wedding ceremony? Young Hip & Married exists for two reasons: to help couples get married and have a fantastic marriage.
We believe in creative, personalized ceremonies that tell your story and focus on your lifelong marriage - not just your one day wedding. We also believe in enriching your marriage and putting in the work so your relationship can thrive.

Makeup & Hair

Alisha Hopps

"My name is Alisha Hopps. I am a Vancouver makeup and hair artist. I create effortless, trendy and elegant styles for every occasion. I am based in Gastown area, but I offer mobile bridal and special occasions makeup and hair services across the Lower Mainland and beyond!"


Pure Magnolia

Pure Magnolia focuses on creating high-quality elegant timeless pieces prioritizing sustainability. Our aesthetic is classic and elegant lines with a touch of ethereal boho.

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