• Ariana Roach

Rice Lake Engagement Photo Session North Vancouver

I was introduced to Cynthia and Matt through the wonderful world of the internet.

Cynthia is a fashion blogger located in Vancouver, and Matt is an awesome dancer!

After briefly getting to know each other, we ventured out to the middle of a frozen lake.

After (safely) crossing, a man told us that two people had previously fallen into the lake earlier in the morning.

We decided to not risk falling in on the way back and took the scenic route.

We then found a gazebo that I thought would be good for a dance break.

After, we ventured into the snowy forest and caught some sun as it was on it's way down.

I caught a few tender moments...

A few attempts at some jumps...

And then we called it a day.

Thanks to Cynthia and Matt for letting me capture a piece of your lives.

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