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Getting Married During COVID-19

If you've been planning a 2020 wedding, these last few weeks have probably had you ripping your hair out with stress... and applying ridiculous amounts of hand sanitizer.

As the circumstances begin to worsen, your options are getting smaller and smaller.

At this point, any wedding before September has either:

  1. Postponed

  2. Thought about postponing

  3. Or... cancelled

Let's be real and admit that this sucks.

It feels like all of this work you've put into your special day is just ripped away from you.

But who can you blame? This is no one's fault and that just makes it worse.

And you're totally valid in feeling that way. It's okay to grieve the loss of your wedding.

But this article isn't meant to throw you further in the depths of self-pity, it's here to give you hope.

Weddings have no rules, you can shift plans at any point in the process.

The silver lining: ELOPEMENTS

If you've ever considered eloping, now is a perfect time (well maybe not right now, but in a few months or so after all of this settles down). This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your love without risking the safety of your loved ones.

Keep in mind that you can always throw the reception of your dreams on a later date. Rescheduling instead of cancelling also gives you higher chances of keeping your original deposit on many vendors.

With the tools of modern technology, you could be saying your vows on top of a mountain with your M.O.H. saying her speech through zoom or facetime.

Videography is another fabulous way to remember your newly planned day. While live-streaming is okay, it's a limiting experience for your loved ones. Having a high-quality highlight or full ceremony film to play at your postponed reception will really put you back in the moment. That way, everyone will get to be apart of your day and relive the magic without having to risk their safety.

Check out our latest helicopter elopement teaser film for some inspiration!

We offer elopement packages starting at $1490.

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