• Ariana Roach

Getting Married During COVID-19

If you've been planning a 2020 wedding, these last few weeks have probably had you ripping your hair out with stress... and applying ridiculous amounts of hand sanitizer.

As the circumstances begin to worsen, your options are getting smaller and smaller.

At this point, any wedding before September has either:

  1. Postponed

  2. Thought about postponing

  3. Or... cancelled

Let's be real and admit that this sucks.

It feels like all of this work you've put into your special day is just ripped away from you.

But who can you blame? This is no one's fault and that just makes it worse.

And you're totally valid in feeling that way. It's okay to grieve the loss of your wedding.

But this article isn't meant to throw you further in the depths of self-pity, it's here to give you hope.

Weddings have no rules, you can shift plans at any point in the process.