• Ariana Roach

Cates Park Couples Photography Vancouver

I had been introduced to Isabella through some of her modelling work. After talking for a few days, we decided to book a photography session for her and her boyfriend, Xavier.

We started out the session on a beautiful dock overlooking the water. This is pretty much the go-to Cate's Park photo.

We took a few gushy, romantic photos and then we shuffled on over to find us some beautiful shade

Isabella and Xavier took turns getting on the fallen tree and (thankfully) didn't die while doing it.

Luckily, Vancouver was blessed with a sunny day.

Then things got fun when I asked them to start jumping and dancing.

Photography is the best when everyone can let loose and be themselves.

We ended off with a few piggyback ride shots... classic.

Overall, I think we had a pretty nice morning at Cate's Park.

Thanks Isabella and Xavier for giving me a glimpse into your lives!

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