• Ariana Roach

7 Urban Engagement Photo Locations in Vancouver

Are you a fast-paced "city-couple" and scoff at the engaged couples posing amongst trees and other nature-themed paraphernalia? Then this is the article for you!

All jokes aside, let's go over some unique places to take photos that don't involve mountain tops or trees!

1. Vancouver Public Library

If you haven't been to the downtown library, you are missing out on stunning architecture (as well as thousands of free books & other resources). The building is shaped like a coliseum with beautiful skylights and a rooftop garden that overlooks the downtown core. It's generally pretty quiet and is honestly one of the hidden gems in Vancouver.

2. Gastown

Cobblestone streets, twinkling fairy-lights glimmering from the trees, the faint scent of urine looming in the background... what could be more romantic? Jokes aside, Gastown is bursting with industrial-style buildings and cute photo ops.

3. Vancouver Convention Centre

Sat right beside the water, Vancouver convention centre has a ton of beautiful views of the city behind it as well as some interesting architectural angles.

4. Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery is another one of those hidden-in-plain-sight kinds of gems. Whether you just shoot on the outside steps or get permission to shoot inside, you'll leave feeling satisfied. There's a reason why so many films have been shot there.

5. Granville Island

Every Vancouverite has been to Granville Island but not many have considered it as a backdrop for their engagement photos! There are tons of industrial buildings as well as a beautiful city skyline and bridge to get some unique angles. The only drawback is that it's definitely a tourist area, so plan your trip accordingly.

6. Crab Park

If you're in Gastown, definitely pop over to Crab Park as well. It's right beside the water so if you're feeling some "natural" photos, you can get your fix. THOUGH, you also have a killer view of the city's skyline behind you as well! Try to shoot there around golden hour.

7. False Creek/Science World

I've saved the best for last (in my own opinion at least). The False Creek area is generally just full of abandoned buildings to host your shoot in (which I totally don't endorse in case the government is watching me... wink). Other than that, science world makes a beautiful backdrop that is unique to Vancouver. If you've got some love for the city you live in, this is the spot for you to show it off.

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