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10 Engagement Photo Locations Near Vancouver 2020

Updated: Feb 17

Tis' the season of looove!

If you’re reading this you’re most likely engaged or “engaged-to-be” (which is even more exciting), so congrats! You’ve found a person to mutually love and that’s quite exciting.

Do you know what’s even more exciting? Planning the location of your engagement photos.

Ok not really, but it’s a good idea to have a strong mental image of the style and location that you want your photos to emulate.

Are you an outdoorsy couple who loves escaping into the mountains for days, weeks, months, or years at a time?

Or maybe you’re both home-bodies who prefer to not show public displays of affection and an at-home shoot would work best?

Maybe you’re both business professionals who prefer structure and beautiful architecture?

This guide provides you with some insight into some of the most beautiful locations near Vancouver.

1. Golden Ears

This beautiful provincial park located about an hour’s drive from Vancouver offers a breathtaking escape from the city. If you arrive during sunrise and the right weather conditions, you’ll notably be greeted with astonishing sun rays peeking through the trees.

The light display won’t last too long so make sure you’re prepared for the photos beforehand.

Best time to go: As previously mentioned, sunrise will deliver the best lighting opportunities for you. Just make sure to check the weather conditions before departing.

2. Capilano Suspension Bridge

A no-brainer for the locals, but Capilano suspension bridge offers a maze of carefully designed tree-top bridges and viewpoints. A quick drive or seabus trip over to North Vancouver and you’ve escaped to a wonderous adult playground. Photo ideas are endless.

Make sure to prepare for the $50 entrance fee. Although, British Columbia residents can receive an “Annual Pass” that lasts for a year for the same price as regular admission (meaning you can go as many times as you want), just bring a piece of B.C. ID.

Best time to go: To avoid clusters of people in the background of your photos, avoid weekends. Aim to arrive either for opening or an hour or two before close. Overcast days are great for moodier images.

3. Park and Tilford Garden

Park and Tilford may seem like just a regular strip mall until you step through the gates squished between JJ Bean and Starbucks. Once inside, you’ll discover a charming maze of gardens with elegant symmetry. As you walk through, you’ll find many picturesque locations suitable for photography, including a koi pond and gazebo. As always, overcast days are your best friend for photos. If direct sunlight is your only option, Park and Tilford Gardens does have a

This garden is free for the public and even puts on a donation-based light show every Christmas.

Best time to go: Typically this hidden gem isn’t too busy. Any time is marvelous. Sunrise and sunset will always be your best bet for good lighting.

4. Whytecliff Park

Notoriously known for its epic cliff-jumping opportunities, Whytecliff Park is a picturesque paradise located in West Vancouver. Nestled right beside the water, you’ll encounter glimmering waves as your partner and you are posing for the camera.

Best time to go: Sunset is absolutely beautiful at Whytecliff Park. You should be fine shooting either weekdays or weekends at this location.

5. Garibaldi Lake

For those seeking a little bit of adventure, trekking up to Garibaldi Lake will satisfy all of your deep-rooted nature cravings. Make sure to wear proper hiking gear and change into your engagement clothes once you reach the destination to avoid unfortunate rips and mud stains.

Best time to go: It’s important to remember that this will be a proper hike that will take 5-6 hours. Camping spots are available at the lake, but it’s important to research and book in advance.

6. Pitt Lake

Located about 45 minutes out of Vancouver, Pitt Lake sits right beside Golden Ears. This is the iconic PNW Vancouver location. The lake, fields, mountains, you name it, Pitt Lake has it.

Best time to go: For moodier pictures, go on an overcast day. On a regular day, golden hour will be your best friend.

7. Stanley Park

Oh, Stanley Park, the little piece of nature squished into the corner of Vancouver. From the panoramic sunset view, cherry blossom trees rose garden, and beaches, there are countless photo opportunities. Plus its proximity to Vancouver makes it an attractive choice for those living in the city.

Best time to go: Weekdays for sunset. During the weekend Stanley Park is full of families, tourists, and locals looking to get some nature in. Weekdays will still be busy but more manageable.

8. Gastown

Looking for some urban influence? Vancouver doesn’t have the most diverse downtown, but we sure do have good ol’ Gastown. The land of trendy restaurants, cobblestone roads, and twinkling fairy lights is a romantic option for those who prefer to stay in the city.

Best time to go: Weekdays just after sunset to soak up all of the magic Gastown has to offer. Just make sure your photographer is properly set up for flash-photography.

9. Cates Park

Located near Deep Cove in North Vancouver, Cates Park offers many different photo opportunities. From the classic dock photo to exploring through the forest.

Best time to go:

Weekends and weekdays shouldn't be too busy. It's a popular spot to go and relax during the summer, but there should be room to shoot at any point of the day.

10. Cleveland Dam

Located just beside Capilano Suspension Bridge, this park has killer views of the mountains as well as a bridge & a lush forest with lots of old-growth trees.

Best time to go:

Weekends are busy depending on the time of year so get out there for sunrise!

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