Part V:

Live Streaming

The official guide to live-streaming your wedding

Watch real-time footage anywhere in the world

Let family & friends safely be a part of your day.

How it works

A high-quality camera is set up to stream live video to Youtube or Facebook. We then attach tiny wireless mics onto those who will be speaking. These microphones allow us to get clear audio from the entire ceremony.

What happens after?

After the ceremony, you will receive a 4k version of the live stream to save as a keepsake within two days.

We also offer ceremony video coverage alongside live-streaming. This means that you will receive multiple angles & movement shots as opposed to one fixed angle.


package one

the short/


•Up to 2 hrs of coverage

•Live-streaming to Youtube or Facebook 

•Full 4k ceremony keepsake film (sent within 2 days)

•Second camera angle in 4k ceremony keepsake film

•30 second teaser film

•Crystal clear audio

•Data included (if wifi unavailable)

•100km total travel

•1 hr of coverage

•One camera angle

•Live-streaming to Youtube or Facebook

•Full 4k ceremony keepsake film (sent within 2 days)

•Crystal clear audio

•Data included (if wifi unavailable)

•100km total travel

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package two

/the basic



Hoping for the best but planning for the worst. 

Of course, the ideal situation would be having your loved ones altogether to witness your marriage. But live-streaming is a wonderful (and safe) alternative.

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