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About Me


 Hey friends, my name is Ariana and I’m the lead filmmaker of Everness Films, a Vancouver-based wedding film company. My business operates by working collaboratively with other fabulous creatives.

I feel the best when I have projects that are pushing my creativity to its limits. I love dancing and singing, especially in the car. If you're ever stuck beside me at a red light you will definitely catch me trying to muffle my embarrassment.

You'll most likely see me crying multiple times throughout the wedding day. Specifically, during vows, emotional speeches, and when I get to see all your family busting a move on the dance floor. It just warms my heart. 

That's actually a big part of why I love being involved in weddings. There's something about the long hours and intense emotions that just reminds me to take a minute and appreciate the chaos that is life.


"I discovered pretty early on that I wanted to be a filmmaker.

It was just a matter of figuring out what I wanted to film."

Figuring out how you want to spend your life is no easy feat.

After "soul-searching" for many years, I tiredly stumbled into the wedding scene. I didn't expect much to come from it, as many of my creative friends had warned me about becoming involved in weddings.

Despite their warnings, I kept booking them.

You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time and you just know that you're going to spend the rest of your life with them?

That was me with wedding filmmaking.

After my first wedding, I was hooked.

Being a wedding filmmaker is a mixture of everything I love in the world.

From the intimate bonds I get to cultivate with my couples, to the creativity that comes alive in post-production.

Weddings are so important to me because they allowed me to find my place in the world (cheesy, I know).

We all have a story

to tell,

We would love to tell yours.

Contact Me

North Vancouver, BC V7L1N7

ariana@evernessfilms.ca  |  Tel: 236-777-5403